The Secret to Skill Development: How I Discovered & Monetized My Skill

There is only 1 reason why you are not living and achieving at the level that you desire…

You have been sleeping on your potentials; your gifts; your skills… that’s why.

Let me tell you a personal story that will help you realize that you can be more than you currently are; only if you could discover the stuff you’re made of.

If you live in Lagos, you might be familiar with the popular Balogun market; that was where I used to sell cosmetic products in one very tiny shop I was managing. I was barely making sales. I ran into heavy debts that I couldn’t pay back. I almost became frustrated. So I decided to move to another market.

I began to hawk clothes along the streets of the thickly populated Berlin Market, close to Mandilas, still in Lagos. I was one of those guys that will follow you, hold your hand, and persuade you to buy my goods. Whether it was raining or scorching, I was on the street.

But one fateful day, in 2016, when I got fed up with the hand-to-mouth life, I made a decision that transformed my life completely. And that decision is the reason why I am now living and achieving at the level that I desire.

To cut the long story short, those experiences gave me a GREAT PUSH that led me to discover who I really am, what I’m passionate about, and who I’m destined to become. I realized that I had been sleeping on my potentials.

Today my story has changed – TO GOD BE THE GLORY. And yours could change too, but don’t be in a rush to shout “Amen!” It requires persistence.

So, from a boy that struggled with debts, to a young man who now owns and runs 4 profitable businesses that have served over 15,000 people locally and internationally…

…and some other growing businesses. All achieved within 4-5 years.

What were the secrets/strategies I applied?

I identified 3 factors:

  1. GOD ALMIGHTY (Non-negotiable)
  2. A problem
  3. My passion

So, here’s how I started my first business HS TUTORIAL using the SWOT ANALYSIS.
SWOT is an acronym that depicts…

  • S = Strength
  • W = Weakness
  • O = Opportunity
  • T = Threat

You know what “analysis” means, right? It means to examine anything complex in order to understand it. So, the first thing I identified was a problem and the need to provide a solution was my primary objective.


Students are scared of calculation-based courses.


Simplify calculations in such a way that even a dumb student will understand.

Here comes my SWOT ANALYSIS…

 I’m a passionate tutor. I teach with all pleasure and happiness.
 I can’t teach everything except for what I have learned and practiced.
If I can teach students to learn and understand a topic for free, they’ll gladly pay to learn/know more through me.
  • THREAT: 
I don’t have the right qualifications (back then) to teach. Therefore I might not be accepted.

After carrying out this analysis, I said to myself…

Because I enjoy teaching, though I can’t teach what I don’t know. I have to learn what I need to learn in order to be paid for what I know. I also have to take certification courses to be certified in that field as I earn in the process. I did not look at my age or my lack of qualifications. I was just determined… that’s all.

Now the big question… How can you learn a new skill?

Malcolm Gladwell, a Canadian Journalist, Author, and Public Speaker said that we need 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill.

Although the rule was discarded by most authors and professionals, He was right to an extent because he was referring to people that want to become an expert in an ultra-competitive field.

Now, here’s the most acceptable rule:

It is THE 20 HOURS RULE. This rule was propounded by Josh Kaufman. He said…

”To go from knowing nothing to becoming pretty good at it, it takes 20 hours which is the equivalent of 45 minutes a day for a month.” To achieve this, you MUST abide by these 4 techniques;


Decide what you want to be able to do (a skill you want to learn), understand the learning processes, break it down into smaller pieces and follow a learning path.


Learn exactly what you need to get started, then practice what you have learned in such a way that you’ll realize when you’re making a mistake.


Yes, it can be difficult to stay focused, but it’s not impossible. So, ensure…

  1. You get organized with a to-do-list
  2. Silent your gadgets while studying
  3. Find the best environment for efficient studying
  4. Clean-up your learning environment/room before studying

The more you practice, the better you become. And mind you, if you think that it is not easy, you have already started to disqualify yourself. Nothing good comes easy. Put your head down and practice. Believe me, it works.


Now, tell me…

What skill do you want to learn? What gift do you have that you get good at and earn from? Is it graphic designs, website development, video editing, mobile videography, copywriting, digital marketing?


In 3 months, you will notice how good you will become. In 6 months, you will get better at it. And in 12 months upwards, you will be considered one of the best in that skill. When that happens, you will see people almost begging you to take their money just to solve their problem with your skill.

Take it from someone who has walked the talk.

Finally, if you want to learn a skill that you can make money from, and you feel that you will need the guidance of someone who has been successful in that area, then go on and tell me about it. I will be more than glad to help you.

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