I believe this book is a gift from God to our generation in these last days! Read prayerfully and share with friends – and even enemies.


Topics Covered

Section One
- Initial Glory of Man

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Section Two
- The Greatest Tragedy in Human History

Chapter 2: The Fall of Man
Chapter 3: The Entrance of Death

Section Three
- God's Remedy

Chapter 4: The Proto Evangelium
Chapter 5: "God Is With Us"
Chapter 6: The All-sufficient Sacrifice

Section Four
- Appropriating God's Salvation

Chapter 7: What Must I Do to Be Saved?
Chapter 8: New Birth
Chapter 9: By Grace or By Works?
Chapter 10: The Church on Grace and Work

Rev Fr Tobias Ozioko

Author's Spotlight

The book answers many questions I had and those people have asked me in the course of my ministry bothering on...

  • salvation,
  • eternal life,
  • heaven,
  • why people struggle with sin and the path to liberation,
  • new birth or being born again,
  • baptism, grace, and work,
  • what the Catholic Church teaches about salvation and many others.
Rev. Fr. Tobias Ozioko

Readers Say

There is a growing trend of spiritual frustration. That is, Christians feel a deep hollow in their lives regarding their relationship with God. And a sense of God being distanced than "with us." This experience is not alien. It started with Adam. But the good news is: This book practically solves the problem. Bless yourself with a copy.
Padre David Attah FJS
Rev. Fr. David Attah FJS
This book has impacted me greatly and you have been of guidance and assistance to me during my struggling moments. I'm grateful to God for the gift of this book. I strongly recommend every youth to get hold of this book.
Charles Izuoba

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